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Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee



Amsler & Frey AG is committed to a high quality standard in the field of plastics machining. With the introduction of a quality guarantee, we are dedicated not only to talking about quality but to answering for it.

We do everything in our power to ensure that our deliveries are free of defects. If this should ever not be the case, our quality guarantee comes into effect to ensure even then that your experience lives up to your expectations of us.

Meaning of the quality guarantee

In concrete terms, what this means for you is that we simply cover the administrative costs incurred due to the delivery of any defective prefabricated part or module. Read on to find out how the costs are calculated.

Mode of operation

You wonder how this will work in practice? When you uncover defects within 30 days after the delivery of goods, let us know and we will credit you a fixed-cost allowance based on the value of the goods. It sounds uncomplicated – because it is.


  • For goods valued up to CHF 500, you get CHF 50 back.
  • For goods valued between CHF 501 and CHF 1,000, you get CHF 100 back.
  • For goods valued of more than CHF 1,000, you get CHF 150 back.

Defects which occur during transportation, not due to defective packaging, are excluded.

Amsler & Frey AG reserves the right to amend or cancel this compensation scheme.