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3D printing /
rapid prototyping

3D printing is the ideal choice for small to medium batch sizes.

3D-printed products are not only on-trend, but they also significantly boost profitability – offering a cost-effective alternative for complex geometries. 3D printing is ideal for small to medium production batches and is proving particularly popular in the mechanical engineering industry, model construction and product development, where it is used to produce prototypes, end products and simple tools quickly.

Create an end product in just four steps:

1. Upload your 3D CAD data to our platform.

2. The software checks your data and corrects any simple geometry errors.

3. The system shows which manufacturing processes are suitable for your requirements.

4. You choose which process you want to use and are immediately provided with a price and delivery date.

10 good reasons why you should choose our 3D printing service:

1. State-of-the-art web platform

2. Ten different 3D printing technologies to choose from

3. More than 50 different materials – including metals

4. Instant price calculation

5. Short delivery times

6. Cost-effective production even with small batches

7. Completely digitalised process

8. More than 20 CAD formats supported

9. No extra shipping costs

10. Convenient payment by invoice or credit card

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