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Cutting service

Cutting service

High-quality semi-finished products
and precision blanks

We deliver anywhere in Switzerland within 24 hours.

Thanks to our extensive stock of high-quality plastic semi-finished products, we can guarantee high availability and quick delivery. We have over 40 different thermoplastics, thermosets (duromers) and elastomers in stock and ready to go. The plastic semi-finished products are available in over 2,000 different sizes and dimensions, made by manufacturers whose flawless quality we can vouch for.

Our cutting service offers angular and dimensionally accurate cutting, perfect for further processing. On request, the plastic blanks can be planed and grooved to the tightest of tolerances. Amsler & Frey AG also offers a wide range of ground rods. We use a centreless grinding machine for custom dimensions. Material in stock and blanks are shipped on the day they are ordered, or on the next working day at the latest.


We can plane your plastic blank to the tightest of tolerances on request, thus improving their alignment and guaranteeing more precise measurements. Materials containing glass fibres or carbon fibres cannot be planed. Please bear in mind the following basic conditions:

Two-sided planing:

- maximum thickness of 300 mm x width of 800 mm – maximum length of 3000 mm

Four-sided planing:

- minimum thickness of 5 mm x width of 20 mm – maximum thickness of 120 mm x width of 180 mm – maximum length of 3000 mm


We use our versatile, state-of-the-art moulder to groove your guide profiles and mouldings according to your specifications.


In addition to a wide range of ground rods, Amsler & Frey AG has a centreless grinding machine for custom dimensions. Grinding improves the roundness tolerance and paves the way for optimal processing on longitudinal turning machines (décolletage). Apart from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), any plastic is suitable for grinding. Please bear in mind the following basic conditions:

  • up to Ø 40 depending on h9 tolerances
  • over Ø 40 by agreement

All semi-finished products are available to order in our online shop.