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3D scan

3D scan

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for 3D scanning

In order to expand our range of services in the field of 3D, we now also offer our customers the 3D scan of their desired object in addition to 3D printing.

A CAD file or technical drawing is not always available, either because the required component is no longer manufactured in this way or because it is generally a one-off. It doesn't matter to us whether you want to capture and archive the object in digital form or reproduce it using our professional 3D printing service.

Objects, such as sculptures, as well as components with technical requirements and exact dimensional accuracy from reverse engineering can be digitised with the 3D scan.
Depending on your requirements, we generate the 3D scan raw data for you, prepare it for your application in high quality and can produce the replicas in a second step using 3D printing in over 10 different printing technologies and over 50 different materials.

Please feel free to ask us for a non-binding 3D scanning offer and we will find an optimal solution together with you.

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