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Mission statement

Mission statement

Our corporate culture
is built on solid values


Amsler & Frey, an independent Swiss family company with more than 60 employees, has been successfully operating in the plastics industry, both nationally and internationally, since 1968.

The company is viewed as a professional and future-oriented Swiss partner for technical plastic components and new solutions that offers its customers clear benefits and has distinguished itself in the market through its Swiss roots, flexibility and specialisation.


Professionalism, a sense of partnership and a forward-looking approach are the guiding principles of our company culture.


We act with professionalism – you can rely on us as well as the quality and precision of our products and services. We are known as a serious and dependable business partner. Our adherence to deadlines and our speed are appreciated as is our specialist and process competence, which is based on many years of experience. Furthermore, we are efficient, effective and flexible. Our Swiss roots underscore our comprehensive professionalism.

A sense of partnership

We serve as a partner – we take the concerns and needs of our customers, employees and partners seriously and are committed to finding win-win solutions. We deploy the relevant people and deal with others in an open, respectful and fair manner.

Forward-looking approach

We think in a forward-looking manner – with an understanding of the importance of development, we optimise our business in terms of its offerings, services, infrastructure, processes and organisation on an ongoing basis, continuously expanding our capacities and constantly striving for innovation. Our customer and partner relationships are focused on continuity and the long term. We assume our social and environmental responsibility and ensure long-term profitability. Such sustainable thinking and acting ensures that we will continue to be independent in future as well.

Client benefits

We serve customers in a wide range of sectors – including machine and equipment engineering, medical technology, analysis, sensor and laboratory technology, electrical engineering, material handling, energy supply and the public sector.

With quality, speed and added value, we offer our customers substantial advantages and an attractive price-benefit ratio.

Quality - We are committed to quality and precision as well as adhering to deadlines and being reliable. These qualities are based on our many years of experience and our expertise in processes and materials. The latest measurement equipment ensures the consistent and reproducible quality of our products. Thanks to our specialisation in dry processing methods and the fact that we use no metallic processing, we can reliably ensure that the plastic components have no impurities or deformities. At the customer’s request, we can guarantee the seamless traceability of the processes and materials used.

Speed - Our customers appreciate our proximity and their ability to reach us, our speed and quick response time as well as our straightforward processing. We offer customers a high level of supply capacity as well as quick and reliable product delivery.

Added value - We have a distinct solution-oriented focus. We take the concerns and needs of our customers and look for the ideal solutions, including solutions that are new and innovative. In addition to plastic machining, this includes other services as well. We are capable of efficiently processing even challenging orders (complex

components, small- and medium-sized series). Customers can also count on personalised advice and support from long-standing employees as well as accommodative arrangements. Together with the certainty of being able to get in contact with us as their solution partner – both now and in the future – reduces the effort for our customers and increases the quality of our solutions.

Business areas

Plastic production

We satisfy our customers primarily in the area of plastic production (machining, dry machining) – but not only – also when it comes to smaller series and more challenging orders ("specialist in complex components”) through a solution oriented focus, quality, reliability, adherence to delivery dates, added-value services and a high level of specialisation. In addition to machining technology, we also offer surface finishing, coating, labelling and module assembly.

Plastic sales

When it comes to the sale of plastics, we offer a large selection, support and a high supply capacity.

New ventures

We use new ventures to develop new processes and find new materials and to prepare these products and services ready for the market (3-D processes using various materials).

Employee philosophy

We are a reliable employer and offer our employees modern and safe working conditions. We compensate their work with market-rate wages, a bonus system and good social benefits. We support them with training and development and assist them with healthcare. Our apprentice training programme and the integration of people with disabilities shows we take our social responsibility seriously.


We provide our services in accordance with environmental principles. We conserve natural resources and have an appropriate recycling programme in place for production waste. The safety of people and the environment are taken into account in all that we do.

Do you have any questions?

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