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Range of services

Range of services


range of services

Amsler & Frey AG specialises in dry machining. One of the advantages of this process is that the plastic parts do not come into contact with coolant, so any damage to the material due to oil contamination can be avoided.

The parts are designed to be production-ready, so costs can be saved from the outset. Our engineers are therefore happy to advise you right from the development stage. If you only have a sample part available with no information about materials, or no design drawings, we will help you choose suitable materials and create production drawings using our CAD system.

Your products will be produced using cutting-edge multi-axis processing machinery CNC in an air-conditioned production hall at our company headquarters. The CNC programs are set up by qualified staff and all data is managed centrally. This will enable you to benefit from low set-up costs, the shortest possible throughput times and a high level of supply availability.

Once they have been manufactured, each part undergoes a quality inspection so that we can make sure the products we are supplying are in immaculate condition.

Our production options


With our range of CNC turning centres with up to eight control axes, we can produce simple to highly complex turned parts with the tightest of shape and position tolerances.

Key information about our machinery

  • 16 CNC machining centres with multi-axis technology (B axes) with a spindle passage of up to 90 mm and a fully automated bar loader
  • NC centre lathes with a spindle passage of up to 105 mm, a machining area with a diameter of up to 550 mm and a distance of 1500 mm between centres


Amsler & Frey AG’s machinery is equipped with cutting-edge CNC milling centres. The use of five-axis machines enables us to process complex parts on all sides in one set-up.

Key information about our machinery

  • 14 CNC machining centres with five-axis technology and various specialist functions
  • Robot loading technology for 24-hour operation
  • Machining area: 2600 x 1300 mm
  • Vacuum clamping plates
  • High-speed spindles for high-strength materials

Do you have questions?

Please call us or send us a message if you would like individual expert advice. We will be happy to assist you.

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